Blocked Sink Plumber 

Need a sink unblocked by a plumber

When a blocked sink occurs and doesn't budge we understand that it is the last thing you need and how frustrating it is to add to your to do list.

The good news is that it usually is a quick fix.

If you have a plunger handy try to move the blockage back and forth using the plunger, this is the most common way to remove the blockage. If the water level has not moved insert the plug and removed the trap / u - bend under the sink. Have some towels and a bowl ready as some water may escape and depending on your drainage pipe work length and gradient can come out fast. Check inside the trap and remove any blockages found. Re-fit the trap / u - bend and remove the plug to let the water drain, check for leaks around the trap / u - bend.


If none of the above have worked it may be time to call a blocked sink plumber. We have specialist equipment to reach blockages in hard to reach parts of the drainage pipe work and  break through to remove the blockage. We do not recommend using any drain blockage fluid remover as it is harsh on the skin if not used properly and if the fluid does not remove the blockage it can mould / fuse with the blockage and create a even harder blockage to clear. 

If you want to find out more information or need a plumber to remove a blockage fast then visit our contact page and get in touch. 

You can also call Alex on 07762773796 


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