Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there a call out fee?

No! We never charge for a call out fee. We offer a free call out service and give a quote for the job once we have arrived and seen what needs to be done. No payment is taken until the job is done. 

How much do you charge?

Every job is different no matter how big or small. access, parts and time on job all come into play when giving a quote. Which is why we offer a free no call out fee to come and have a look at what is needed. We give you the price and if you are happy we complete the job. We have most parts on the van to fix most jobs we come across straight away. 

What areas do you cover? 

We cover 24/7:
Bedford and surrounding areas
Ampthill and surrounding areas
Biggleswade and surrounding areas
St Neots and surrounding areas
Royston and surrounding areas 
Stevenage and surrounding areas
Hitchin and surrounding areas
Letchworth and surrounding areas

How do I turn off my water?

Most stop cocks which turn of the main water supply into the house hold are found either under the kitchen sink, the down stairs toilet or in the garage. Stop cocks can seize and be hard to turn. If this is the case you be able to turn the water off from the mains on the road out side your house. Please be aware this may also turn off the neighbours / street so be sure to let them know or inform your water board before you do - this should only be shut off in an emergency.

Who supplies the parts? 

We have most parts on the van to fix issues you may have with the plumbing in the premises however, bespoke materials such as showers we don't carry as every customer likes a certain design. We will happily go to the suppliers or order the part in for you if you wish. 

Do you carry out insurance jobs?

Yes. If you are claiming through your insurance company please ensure that you have read your policy as some only cover a call out charge which we do not charge. 

Do you install boilers?

Sadly as it stands we do not offer this service. 

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Alex - 07762773796 

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