Blocked Toilet 

Blocked Toilet need clearing? 

Blocked toilets can be a nightmare especially if it is the only toilet in the house. Toilets block for various reasons such as too much toilet paper, foreign objects (usually children toys), tampons, baby wipes, waste. They can also seem blocked due to a air lock or if your AAV is blocked or stuck. If this happens the toilet may seem blocked but will slowly drain. If you have tried to remove a blockage and this happens chances are it needs replacing. Depending on where the AAV is in the house it usually is a straight forward job to replace.  

If the toilet is blocked it is important you don't try to flush it when its full as it will over spill, if the entry valve is constantly running no matter how slow before the toilet was blocked and you were happy for it to run into the pan isolate the water supply to the toilet as it will over spill on to the flow in the event of a blocked toilet. 

There are various ways to deal with a blockage - if you get stuck give Leak Shield Plumbing a call as we have the tools and experience to clear the problem fast. 

If you have any more questions please do hesitate to get in touch with Leak Shield Plumbing and Drainage on 07762773796 or contact us via email at 

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