Emergency Drain Unblocking 

Emergency Drain Unblocking Here To Help You Fast

Blocked drains occur for various reasons and are not pleasant to be around. Here at Leak Shield Plumbing and Drainage we have a Drainage team who carry out emergency drain unblocking and arrive to you within an impressive 45 minutes. Not only do we clear the blockage but we also Inspect the drain with our CCTV which is including in the price to ensure that the blockage is gone but also look for the cause of the blockage if there is one. 

Common causes are displaced joints in the pipe work, tree roots, cracks, fats, grease and collapsed pipework. If any are found most can be repaired with out having to dig up to replace the pipework . This is convenient when the pipe is under the house or conservatory. Emergency drain unblocking is usual for commercial sites such as hospitals, schools and retail due the amount of use the drainage is used.


We highly recommend the drainage is serviced on a regular basis throughout the year to help reduce blockages bring the bathrooms to become unusable and inconvenient for customers. 

For more information on email info@leakshield.co.uk or call Alex on 07762773796 for advice or if you have any questions. 

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